Septic Services

Every time you flush something down the drain you add a small amount of what we call solids to your septic tank. Layers of these solids, also known as sludge, slowly accumulate on the top and should fall to the bottom of the tank. We recommend that you have your septic tank pumped every 2-3 years. This schedule will help to keep the solids from building up and clogging your drains or worse, getting into your drainbed and putting the system in failure. Depending on the size of your tank, the number of people living in your home, the amount of laundry and guest usage, it is a natural part of the septic system to have your tank pumped out on regular intervals.

Just think if you have the tank pumped-out every 2 years, that’s around $12.00 a month. This is much cheaper than the $30.00 -$50.00 every month for city or county sewer bills. If the City or County provides this service they may treat the effluent then release it back into our waters.

Septic systems are today’s “Green Technology”. They are designed for the effluent liquid to go into the drainbed. The Department of Health, listed under the Environmental section, estimates that 1/3rd of the liquid is evaporated and 2/3rd percolates back into and through the soils. Keeping our environment as it should be.

When you don’t see your septic system it is easy to forget maintenance until you have back-up or slow flushing toilets. You can even get back-up into your shower. Your toilets may start to bubble or you may get what some call sewer flies. To keep your home from these messes or disasters CALL US!!!

If your septic tank has not been pumped out in a few years, you don’t know when it was last serviced or you have a backup, CALL US, and we’ll get you up and running quickly.

In addition to quality septic tank pumping we offer several other services.

  • Residential Septic Tank Pump-Outs
  • Restaurant Grease Trap Installation, Pumping and Monthly or Quarterly Maintenance Schedules
  • Installation of New Septic Systems
  • Drain Field Installation and Repair
  • Pump/Repairs/Floats/Alarm
  • Land Clearing
  • Grading
  • Hauling Fill

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